Arup, Argos Analytics, and IES Announce Partnership to make WeatherShift™ Future Weather Data Available for Online Purchase

Customized future weather data for locations worldwide generated on demand

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San Francisco — Arup, a multidisciplinary engineering and consulting firm that delivers innovative and sustainable designs; Argos Analytics, LLC, a provider of cost effective climate data services; and Integrated Environmental Solutions Limited (IES), a global leader in building performance modeling software, announced that they have come together to make WeatherShift™ future weather data available for online purchase by the public at an entry price point 75% less than prior offers.

Arup and Argos originally developed the WeatherShift tool in 2014 to help building owners reduce their future cost risk, due to climate change. Climate change is responsible for increasing global temperatures, which are causing significant shifts in weather patterns. These shifts are influencing energy use, water stress, and the comfort conditions of buildings and urban environments throughout the world. The WeatherShift tool also helps local governments to make better informed investment decisions during the initial design phases of large master planning and infrastructure projects.

Users will now be able to purchase WeatherShift future weather data by specifying a location, emissions scenario, and future time period through the IES website at Arup and Argos will then provide the purchaser customized future weather data generated by adjusting historical weather data based on climate projections run for the recent Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Fifth Assessment Report. The data can be used to simulate building and urban performance under future climate conditions and enables designers to develop strategies for readying buildings to respond to potential impacts and maintain their core services. Arup and Argos will continue to maintain the existing website for free online visualizations and support.

“We are excited to extend the availability of WeatherShift future weather data to a much larger group of users around the world,” said Cole Roberts, Associate Principal, Arup. The collaboration with IES has lowered the entry price point to $250 and simplified the product for repeated use on multiple projects, increasing the likelihood of standardization in practice.”

Craig Wheatley, CTO, IES added “It has been our great pleasure to work with both Arup and Argos on this project. Making this simulation weather data available for any global location now gives designers the opportunity to better understand the impact of future climate predictions when designing the buildings of tomorrow, futureproofing their designs, providing greater levels of sustainability and mitigating the effects of climate change.”


Arup provides planning, engineering, design, and consulting services for the most prominent projects and sites in the built environment. Since its founding in 1946, the firm has consistently delivered technical excellence, innovation, and value to its clients, while maintaining its core mission of shaping a better world. Arup opened its first US office more than 30 years ago and now employs 1,300 people in the Americas. The firm’s employee-ownership structure promotes ongoing investment in joint research to yield better outcomes that benefit its clients and partners. Visit Arup’s website,, and the online magazine of Arup in the Americas,, for more information.


Argos Analytics, LLC provides cost effective climate analyses and other data services based on the latest climate science to help public and private sector organizations plan for an uncertain future climate. For more information about Argos Analytics, please visit or contact


IES is recognized as a world leader in 3D performance analysis software that is used to design tens of thousands of energy efficient buildings across the globe. IES’ technology is supported by integrated consulting services and today its capabilities are expanding from use on individual buildings to helping create sustainable communities, cities and countries. Visit our website for more information.


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