Our Story

Not only did the catastrophic flooding in Thailand in 2011 result in a humanitarian disaster in Bangkok and the surrounding countryside, it had major economic ripple effects around the globe as supply chains in the automobile, disk drive, semiconductor industries, among others, were disrupted. Argos Analytics was founded by Robert Dickinson shortly after the flooding occurred because, having had a successful career as a high tech executive, he realized that businesses didn’t recognize climate change as a strategic challenge, let alone have the information they needed to be able to prepare for and deal with its impacts.

Since our inception, we’ve worked on projects ranging from future flood risks for the city of Del Mar, California and future heat waves for a Northeastern hospital chain to a decision tool for managing health risks across California from rising temperatures, developed as part of the Fourth California Climate Change Assessment.

What We Do

From the vast, and growing, array of data on the future climate that is available, we extract what’s relevant to our clients based on the nature of their business, where they operate and their planning horizon and translate it into terms that relate directly to how they do business.

Our current focus is on providing design data for the built environment that incorporates the effects of climate change, in partnership with global engineering firm Arup, and information for winegrowers about how climatic conditions will change in their vineyards over the next several decades and how that will affect the grape varieties growing in them.

Adapting is Not Optional

Adapting to changing climate conditions is unavoidable since even if carbon emissions and deforestation stopped tomorrow it would take several decades for the effects to be felt due to the inertia in the climate system. The only question is whether you will do so proactively, based on a clear understanding of what’s coming, or try to recover when the unexpected inevitably strikes.

To learn more about how we can help you adapt, contact us at info@argosanalytics.com.